Make your digital publications magical.

With Triobo.

Easily convert print publications to digital or create interactive titles in the visual editor. Triobo is the solution for publishers, agencies and corporations. Create your own searchable digital library, accessible via web and mobile. Successfully reach readers and impress customers.

Two worlds for all

A second life for the PDF archive

Do you have piles of PDF files and want to make them more attractive? Triobo has the perfect solution to turn your PDF files into a reader-friendly experience, even on small displays. You have the security of protected content without the threat of piracy. A fantastic advantage is the searchable entire library, the reader doesn't even have to download anything to read. Just one click away.

Unleash the power of digital: Create interactive, multimedia publications

Want to impress with something better than static pages? Triobo is the way to go with its visual tool for easy creation of engaging, multimedia and interactive content. The aesthetics of a classic magazine in a modern, responsive digital form.

How to create digital titles

Sell or distribute for free

Maximize your profits: customized publishing business models

We offer a range of business models, from selling subscriptions to your magazine and Netflix-style access to customized combinations. Take advantage of reader vouchers, an integrated e-store for selling digital and print content, including bundles, and more. Includes subscriber database and API for integration.

Engage and influence readers

Have you decided to offer quality content for free? Triobo guarantees that your work will stand out. Engage readers, create engaging, multimedia-rich publications that captivate. Harness the power of your long out-of-print archive. We can even search it!

Specialized solutions for you

Content agencies

With Triobo you can produce high quality digital magazines, promote your client's brand and generate new revenue. At the same time, you'll reduce the cost of printing your client's magazine or catalog. The digital version is significantly cheaper, retains the aesthetics of a real magazine as opposed to a regular website, and can be combined with print. You use existing materials. 

You retain or earn more business. Your clients save money. And we don't interfere with your business, your pricing, or your customer relationships.

For agencies

Print media publishers

Run your own online kiosk: earn money from digital versions of print magazines, books and other publications.  With Triobo you don't pay any commissions, readers only see your titles, nothing from competitors. 

Monetize your existing content, thanks to search you will also get new revenue from back issues. You get contact details of all your readers and can work with them freely - they are your customers. Thanks to Triobo, you strengthen a lasting relationship with them. You can sell them print, digital and combined subscriptions or access to your library à la Netflix. The pricing is yours and you can change it at any time. All revenue goes directly from the reader to you, we are not a middleman. 

With Triobo, you are truly the master of your content and your business.

For print publishers

Corporate communication

Digital corporate magazine with Triobo: Improve communication with customers or employees, maximize readership and save on printing costs. Make efficient use of your archive and concentrate it in a digital library with corporate design: all with easy reading without the need for downloads. Search the entire library and easily share individual articles on social media and in newsletters. Import PDFs or create original interactive and engaging multimedia publications.

Better corporate communication

Support your business: the catalogue library

A great library for your catalogs and other documents. Don't make your customers download stacks of PDFs, give them instant access, search and more. You'll boost your business and your customers' loyalty.

Catalogue library

Cities and municipalities

A representative and searchable city magazine or newspaper is Triobo's special offer for local governments. Provide your citizens with a complete archive of the city newsletter so they can always have it at their fingertips, with instant reading and great display even on mobile devices. No one has to download a PDF to read it, and best of all, searching the entire archive works. 

Impress your constituents!

More information for municipalities