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Publish digitally

for tablets, smartphones, computers & web

Triobo is an easy, user friendly tool for designing and publishing of digital content such as magazines, one-time publications, interactive catalogs, etc. and distribution of created content on tablets and smart phones (Apple iOS, Android, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle), computers (Windows 10) and web.

Real Digital Publishing

  • Complex all-in-one solution
    all you need, free registration, no installation
  • A fully interactive digital publication
    not just typical PDF with clickable zones
  • Multiplatform digital publishing
    create once and publish on Apple iOS, Android, Windows 10, web…
  • Content is always in HD with low data volume
    internal use of HTML5 format, maximal saving of data
  • Visual WYSIWYG editor for creation of publications
    without knowledge of programming and third party applications
  • Instant previews
    able to preview during work process on screen or on your tablet
  • Publish with Appstore / Google Play publishing accounts
    content distribution under publisher brand, AppStore, publishing account etc.

Social networks, marketing

  • Push notifications: icons and editable text
    can be sent to readers who have not yet downloaded the latest issue
  • Reader's zone
    coupons as a payment alternative, and reader identification info
  • Coupons for subscribers of printed publications
    free digital version, no commission paid to market maker
  • Facebook, Twitter and e-mail sharing
    publisher defined text + page preview
  • Optional web form
    SEO, search engine support and sharing
  • Interactive advertising
    can be created directly in publishing editor
  • Statistics: your own and third parties, Google Analytics
    reading and download frequency, issue attractiveness according to reader's interest, etc.

Reader's zone

  • Coupons as an alternative to subscription and unit sales
    saving AppStore / Google Play commission
  • Various types of coupons
    unique one time vs. unlimited with time-restriction
  • Name identification of readers
    readers registration required for coupon use
  • Marketing benefits
    e.g. free subscription of digital version for readers of printed publications

Digitally interactive advertising

  • Unique advertising formats
    e.g. floating objects or non-jumpable advertising
  • Creation of interactive advertising
    interactive advertising directly in the editor
  • Offline advertising update also retroactively
    will be displayed to readers in the background, minimal volume
  • Open source solution
    integration of questionnaires, forms, promotional mini-games in HTML5…

Types of interactive publications

  • Digital magazines with optional readers zone
    issues are repeatedly published + vouchers/ identification of readers
  • Publishing portal with optional private section
    typically a set of catalogs + non-public content with a password
  • Individual publication
    suitable for one-time applications and publications
  • Partially charged publications (single type)
    publications are free but partially charged

Efficient production of publications

  • Free-range graphic design of digital publication
    any layout type according to publisher needs
  • Read publications on tablet and mobile, no modifications
    a special layout for phones is an automatic or optional choice 
  • Meta tags
    easy creation of page numbering, links for sharing etc
  • Support of team cooperation
    access rights

Key features

  • Various layouts
  • Variable objects
  • Animations
  • On-line objects
  • Open source solutions
  • Advanced galleries
  • Integration of social networks directly into content
  • Support of on-line questionnaires
  • Marketing functions
  • Easy creation of Smartphone layouts
  • Integration of web applications
  • Video and audio objects
  • Image sequence
  • internet links
  • Selectable font size format TTF and OTF
  • Press monitoring


The Triobo platform shows that it can really do a lot. When I originally thought about using a different publishing system, for example Adobe DPS, etc. Triobo now seems to be in a league of its own.

Triobo is brilliant - the fact that I can create an entire magazine myself, at the age of 67, says a lot about this tool.

Jozef Krajčovič, DACR