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An essential part of Triobo is an advanced visual editor for the design and production of interactive publications. You do not need to install anything. All you need is a regular web browser and an internet connection. There are different styles, frames, and videos. You have the option to use any font directly in the editor, you can also prepare animations and interactive elements such as variable objects, gallery sequences, etc. It's possible to insert social media platforms such as your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Link sharing buttons are available for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Also integrate maps and other types of objects.

Thanks to Triobo you do not need programmers to prepare attractive, and fully interactive digital publications for tablets, and smartphones. The web is enough if you have an eye for graphics.
Thanks to Triobo at any time you can check your unfinished digital publication on the actual tablet for free in real-time or on-line. All you need to do is download the free Triobo Reader application from the Apple Appstore / Google Play / Windows Store / Amazon, which gives publishers the ability to proof read. The Triobo Reader can also be used for approving created interactive ads, or entire publications with your clients - they just need to use the Triobo Reader and submit your login name and password. If you are using the pricing programs for Triobo Professional or Triobo Business, you can freely add user accounts for your employees and clients, and restrict their access only to the Triobo Reader. Note: Before viewing the Triobo Reader it is required to "publish" for the release of a free proof reading.
Once you have your interactive publications in Triobo, finished and tested on a real tablet on Triobo Reader, you are ready to publish publicly. Now it is necessary choose the appropriate Triobo pricing program, and run everything.

Thanks Triobo, and its technology, you can create interactive social media platforms distributed to tablets and smart phones (Apple iOS, Android (4.0 and above), Windows 10), computers (Windows 10) and for the web. Once you're prepared, publish your content easily on all platforms! Check out the selection of Triobo publishing software references to get a sense of how your publication can look.

Always publish under your own publishing account and under your own brand.


digital publishing step by step

All-in-one publishing solutions

Triobo, will provide you with everything you need for the production and distribution of interactive digital publications. You get a fully visual editor (you do not need programmers), a proof read application for tablets, and the final publication for Apple, Android, Windows 10 and web are all exclusively under your brand name and your publisher's account.

interactive publications

Triobo provides a comfortable solution for the production of truly interactive publications - not just a simple PDF with interactive elements. To create animations, interactive variable objects and photo galleries, multimedia features, videos ... Triobo is designed just for you.

multiplatform solutions

Triobo internally uses HTML5 technology - making it executable on any platform. At this moment we support tablets and smart phones Apple iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, and web publishing. Thanks to Triobo's technology you use a very small amount of data volume in your publications.

Web form

Triobo is able to export your interactive digital publication into web form. In doing so, the texts remain as texts (not pictures), so they are available to Internet search engines. All animation and interactivity is preserved. Each web page has its own unique address.

Vouchers for subscribers

Within the Triobo Professional price program you are able to use the Readers Zone. Thanks to this you may for example offer your print subscribers a voucher for a digital subscription for free, or provide free access to paid issues for your business partners.

Marketing and promotion of social networks

As the authors of digital publications, you can directly link your graphics to sharing features on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. It is certainly an interesting option to send push notifications (any text). Create digital interactive advertising directly in Triobo, and more.